Humble beginnings

What We Do – We’re life-long athletes, performers, and doers who build products for people who care about what they put in and on their bodies.  Whether the ailments stem from pickup basketball, cross-fit, missed putts, or Twitter fingers — we create real ingredient solutions optimized for stress, aches, and vibes. We focus on world-class real plant ingredients and results worth talking about delivered with meticulous texture, subtle scents, and holistic benefits.

Family Business – We don’t farm out our product development to a contract manufacturer. For more than 10 years a 60,000 square foot, state of the art, USDA certified organic & FDA approved skincare and cosmetic manufacturing facility has been the family business. We know this stuff like the back of our hand. This background doesn’t just mean we get to come in through the side door, it means unparalleled expertise and one of a kind resources are baked into Reco Mode products. Our innovations don’t happen on the clock, they happen on nights and weekends with world class skincare formulators blowing up iMessage with new ideas and ingredient formulations.

Feel Good For Sale – This isn’t a game, we’ve spent years of our professional careers in a variety of emerging wellness spaces including the medicinal and recreational cannabis industry. From nootropics to ionized alkaline water to HTFS cannabinoid extracts, we know how to feel good and we do it for a living.

Reco Mode was finally founded in November 2018 by Colin Landforce and Oren Schauble after years of handing out iterations and concepts to family and friends yielded one consistent response:

“Hey, can I get more?”