Meet MuscleGoo

The secret soreness relief tool of mindful athletes and anyone with muscles that cares what they put on their body.  Packed with natural ingredients MuscleGoo unleashes a clean, cooling sensation that smells and feels amazing— plus the benefits of our 19 essential oils— MuscleGoo provides fast, cooling pain and soreness relief for sore people of all kinds.

Key Ingredients

200mg CBD (if applicable)
Organic Menthol Crystals
Hemp Seed Extract

Witch Hazel
+ 19 essential Oils


1 2oz jar – We pay for shipping


Gym Bag & Travel Ready

“MuscleGoo is amazzzziiiiinng.”

“Literally – the MuscleGoo is the most critical extra thing that I would be traveling with.  It’s awesome!”

“Even if there’s no immediate ache, MuscleGoo can help to ease any active mom into bliss, even after hitting the gym.”

How to use MuscleGoo

– Apply a healthy two finger dab (if you want to get scientific, we recommend around a teaspoon’s worth) on the affected area and rub in until absorbed (this will happen really fast)
– Rinse your hands and go about your life.

People use MuscleGoo in all types of ways, but we’ve found the most popular are

– Nightly before bed on effected areas
– First thing in the morning on sore parts of the body from working out
– As needed for particular muscle and soreness relief, particularly if you sit during work and have aches and pains

Using Goo is a guaranteed pick me up to make sore parts of your body feel amazing, and on the plus side you’ll smell great as well ;).

The Perfect Addition
To Your Recovery Routine